Think About It: Hyperlinks

Originally posted on the Tembua website on April 10, 2010.

Judging from the number of RFPs arriving, the economy is picking up. Our office has a specific procedure for producing the often complex packets of information that are requested. Each person develops his/her own area and submits that to the person responsible for assembling and polishing. Then the document is proofed before final submission. Most often, but not always, the final proposals are submitted electronically, so one of the final steps is checking the hyperlinks within the table of contents.

Having refilled my coffee cup, I stopped by the desk of the person doing that checking. She was intently verifying that each and every link led to the proper place in the document so I didn’t disturb her. I was all the way back to my desk before I realized that she was working on an RFP that required submission as printed bound copies only. Think about it.


About tembua

Tembua: The Precision Language Solution provides comprehensive linguistic services for 100 languages to private industry and government agencies on a global scale. Services include document and website translation and localization; conference and 24/7 telephonic interpretation; glossary development; proofreading, text adaptation, editing, multilingual design and DTP; transcription; technical / custom authoring editing, foreign search engine optimization; translation memory management; subtitling.
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