Reporting a Possible Scam

Reporting a Possible Scam: What do you think about LinkedIn’s response?

Recently I was sent an inappropriate message by someone who was a recent connection. When I reported the message to LinkedIn’s Customer Support, I received this reply:

When you establish a connection, you’re sharing your profile information, email address, and network updates, so we recommend that you only share this information with people you know and trust.

Understood. It’s good advice as far as it goes.

However, it certainly doesn’t take into consideration those of us who are using LinkedIn for networking and marketing. How does it work if we can only connect with people we already know?

Of course one looks at a profile before connecting. But if the profile seems legitimate, what should we do? A limited number of connections could indeed be a red flag. Or it could just mean that someone is new to LinkedIn and building a network.

I appreciate that LinkedIn’s Customer Support says they. . . will investigate your case and act upon our results.  The man’s profile has been taken down.

But I was a bit peeved by the rest of the response:

In the future, please know you can consider other invitation options. . . .

Is it somehow my fault that this scumbag set up a profile, offered to connect and then exploited that connection because he liked my picture?

What do you think?


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