Would you rather be 1 of ???

Would you rather be 1 of 861,379,000 or 1 of 28,425,507?

Marketing is never easy. Today online marketing is becoming even harder as more and more companies put up websites. The very large number in this headline is the number of English websites online. Suddenly you’re competing with people 10 time zones away.  

There is a tool to improve the odds a bit. If, for example, your wish to increase your share of the market in China, you should know that the 2nd number in the headline is the number of websites in Chinese on the web as of this spring. Source: Wikipaedia.

If your website is in Chinese you already have 3 advantageous over your English-only competitors:

  1. People buy in their own language (52% say they’d only buy from a site in their language) and
  2. Your site is now competing with only 3.3 percent of the total sites online.
  3. You’ve told your potential customer that you are willing to adapt to make purchasing easier.

If you’d not sure which area of the world to target first, Tembua suggests translating a summary page of your website into half a dozen languages and then tracking which one has the best click rate. (Tembua can help you create the summary page.) You can expand the pages translated according to where the interest lies.

When you’re ready to consider translating your entire site, Tembua can help not only with language but also scripting and graphicl components and formatting the pages to support the target languages.

Global marketing is more than just translation, of course. Read about the interaction between localization, internationalization and globalization here. http://tembua.com/Localization

Next month we’ll talk about the process Tembua uses to deliver a beautifully translated website to our customers.

Patricia May


Tembua: The Precision Language Solution



About tembua

Tembua: The Precision Language Solution provides comprehensive linguistic services for 100 languages to private industry and government agencies on a global scale. Services include document and website translation and localization; conference and 24/7 telephonic interpretation; glossary development; proofreading, text adaptation, editing, multilingual design and DTP; transcription; technical / custom authoring editing, foreign search engine optimization; translation memory management; subtitling.
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