Don’t Let Them Claim Responsibility

The images become ever more horrible:
Three killed during a shooting in TelAviv
One killed and more injured when gunmen opened fire near a Mosque in Mogadishu
Eight killed and more than 20 wounded during an attack on an Indian air base in Pathankot
Fifteen killed and many more injured outside Tikrit in Iraq
Seven killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria
Sixty killed as a result of a truck bombing in Libya.
That’s the partial report for the first week of January 2016.

I ask the international news media to help in a very small way:

Please stop allowing terrorist groups to claim responsibility for murderous, gruesome attacks on military and civilians. Responsibility is the burden of obligation or reliability, dependability. We value a responsible employee and say that responsibility is a mark of maturity. If you want to connect it with something negative, use accept.

However, I’d rather convince you to say admit guilt. These groups are criminals and their actions are in no way connected with traditional religious values. Blowing up people at a market? That’s a crime: admit you are guilty. Bombing a school? Don’t let them accept responsibility. With your verbiage, tell the world that you label these acts as crimes. Say the terrorists admitted their guilt.
Does this phrase strike you the same way? I’d like to hear your comments!
Patricia May


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