Pathology in Belgium


(Image: BBC, Horst Pilger)

I understand being angry. Every human being, particularly those of us with tempers, knows how it feels to see red and clench your fists.
What I don’t understand is blowing up people you’ve never met, destroying property that only serves the general public.
This isn’t a religious war. It’s about power. It’s a pathology. A group of charismatic, egotistical, morally dead men have managed to brain-wash people who are simply looking for something to believe in. And like any pathology, it spreads as these monsters use every attack to bolster their philosophy.
Notice that the leaders aren’t blowing themselves up. They use idealistic young men and women, the most vulnerable age. If they were true zealots they’d strap on a suicide vest. No, these are simply power-hungry barbarians taking their followers back to the likes of Genghis Khan and Mao Zedong.
If someone has contacted you about joining one of these groups, please send me an email. I will not pass your name along to the authorities, but I will put you in touch with a faith leader—you tell me which faith– who will talk to you about the lies these people are spreading.
Patricia May


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